Bald Eagle feathers  As we continue our background research on the Bald Eagle and what we should include in our drawing and composition this next photo shows an intricate close up detailing each feather individually.  Observe the fine edges of each feather.  Observe the lighting source and how the location of that light effects the shadows being created by it's bouncing off the body and shaft of each feather.

The arrows on the photograph help us to see how the shadows lay.  They in turn draw our eyes into the crevices and deep under the feathers as well, revealing either more beauty or even possibly some not so lovely hidden condition within those depths as a result of everyday living. 

This is important visual information that will help us share with our viewers the story, history, reality and strength of this particular Bald Eagle's life that we are trying to paint, as well as draw attention to this magnificent bird species that God alone has created.

Wing photo

If we consider our spiritual life and the many amazing things that make up our life on a daily basis, more often than not we also experience trials and 'shadows' that are painful.

Those 'shadows,' like the shadows we see in this photograph within the Bald Eagle feathers, reveal the depth and character of those feathers whether they are strong feathers, broken feathers, clean or dirty feathers, healthy or malformed feathers, even as the 'shadows'  come into our lives the way we react to them clearly reveals the character of our being.  

The character that we have grown into based on the values and truth we fashion our lives upon will also reveal either beauty or ugliness when those trials are further illuminated by the light source that caused shadows to appear in the first place.  

If we know Christ as our own personal Lord and Saviour and we become grounded in the Word and Character of God Himself then when those 'shadows' appear in our lives they will reveal beauty and strength and not the ugliness of a sin-controlled life.  How we all long to radiate a Christ-controlled spirit and life to all who know us.  

As we progress further in this Eagle composition we may well discover other practical and hopefully wonderful simple lessons that will center our hearts on glorifying God and His Character.  Stay tuned for a sneak peek at the beginning stages of the first rough sketches for our "Family Affair" watercolor.  Have a great day and keep your brushes busy.   Jan.