Watercolor by Jan Howlett-Family Affair-Bald Eagle FamilyHi All Artist Hearts,
This is the final stage for Family Affair and we will soon be starting a new series entitled, "Carol's Rose", a delightful composition created to encourage a friend in New York

In the meantime, I have continued to do the fine tuning on this painting while I wait for the frame to arrive.  The mats have been selected and the layout firmed up.  I decided to choose a specialty frame and thus the short delay in a new post.  Be assured I will keep you informed as soon as it arrives. In the meantime you can view a new Slide-show of all the stages that you have been following all wrapped up into one at this link, http://www.hislambsonline.org/slideshow-family-affair-baldeagles-demo.php  Enjoy.

Photo Fair Havens fishing spotIt was a real boost the other day to receive high compliments from a first time viewer of my artwork while we were away on a short, semi-working vacation where my hubby, Ross, did a little fishing at his favourite fishing spot at Fair Havens Conference grounds as seen in the photo here (this is what we see as we sit on the dock fishing and reading, sketching or snapping off photos for another painting idea, whether a visiting otter, Canada Geese, Blue Herons or a passing pleasure boat) and I was in my glory, painting to my heart's content!  My visitor, all the way from Mississauga on a golf day, was viewing "Family Affair."  She exclaimed, from her perspective, "Your work is like a Glen Loates or Robert Bateman!"

What a high compliment indeed.  It came on a day when my I was a little disappointed with one of my soft washes that I was working on in another piece and was causing me some deep frustration.  This new praise, though overwhelming in it's impact, truly served to inspire me to continue to strive for excellence!  Comments like that are a sweet treasure to an artist's heart.

So keep up your good work too and may you be inspired and encouraged towards excellence.  Don't let one poor painting session ruin the next one.  Once it is dry and some time has passed you will find new creative thoughts to either repair or inspire a new wash that will brighten and liven up what was dull or distressing the day before.  It did for me too.
New Posts coming soon.
Blessings, Jan.