Hi All Artist Hearts,
"Family Affair" is progressing bit by bit.  It is not a painting one could or should rush.  There are many details to consider. Nothing that we want to include that makes this composition more interesting and personal should be overlooked as part of this day in this Eagle family's story.

If you look closely a number of additions have been made including a freshly caught fish, branches overhead are beginning to emerge in the canopy and will soon extend toward the top left side as well, our baby Eaglet is growing like a weed and starting to grow in darker feathers in just a few short weeks since his birth

The nest is growing too.  And Papa Eagle is delivering a new branch for the enjoyment of Mom's desire to continue improving the furniture in their living room, as well as setting the perfect example of life's lessons in nest building.
:>)   The scales on the bark of the tree trunks are just softly suggested, so as not to distract or diminish our focus from flowing back to our subject, our Eagle family.

I have also begun to add summer blue sky areas with some fluffy white clouds, and all that goes with the perfect summer's sunny day.  I noticed too that there is a pine cone emerging from the twigs in the lower nest area.  Watch to see if there will be a few other little interesting details among the labyrinth of twigs, maybe even a lost downy feather or two. 
I have yet to draw in the details that will fill in the lower right hand corner of this scene. But that will have to wait for a bit.

It's been a busy few weeks of painting and I hope to continue the pace and post again shortly.  Until then keep your brushes working and soak up the relaxation and joy of creating wonderful compositions and stories through paint.