Male Bald Eagle Watercolor by Jan Howlett nearing final stages Hi All Artist Hearts,  A new update is ready and as you can see our Papa Eagle has progressed considerably and will soon be completed.  It has been a challenge to manage all the feathers and keep their white tips and edges.

Many of the underlying layers have been wet into wet, however the final darkest layer has been, for the most part, drybrush.  When I consider the fact that Bald Eagles have some 7000 feathers I am thankful that I am only having to describe enough of them to give us all the impression of many more feathers underneath.   The Bald Eagle is just one of God's many magnificent creations, but we can never do it justice no matter how talented we may be as artists.  But I trust I will be able to capture enough detail to draw out our praise and worship to God alone, who does all things perfectly. 

There were many little details to keep in mind such as the different feather groups, sizes, direction of the feathers in the wing position, the shadows that form either on or in-between the feathers, as well as the rules of perspective depending on how the wing's position was formed and the body of the bird in landing on this tree branch.

We hope to have another post in a few days that will include the Mama Eagle and more of the nest being developed.  Until then stay inspired and enjoy every painting moment as you remember to thank the Lord for the privilege of observing His amazing Creation.