Bald Eagle painting in first stages 
Hi All Artist Hearts...New update!
More paint to paper ready for those following this series.  I have just continued with the first layers of the same colors as an undercoat preparing for the next deeper colors to describe the feather groups and the tree limbs.  The remaining twigs and branches will be painted in the same manner.

Along the way I will make the necessary adjustments to add darker passages in various areas towards creating shadows.  I have also deliberately paved the way to allow for the rays of sunlight passing over the largest tree trunk to allow the light to eventually fall over the mother Eagle's wing onto her baby eaglet.  The  light will also fall softly over the top of the Papa Eagle's wing.   It is important at this point to leave these areas as the white of the paper.

Watch for the next post in the next few days when all the first layer colors will be painted.  Until then keep your brushes busy.  Have a great day.