Hi All Artists Hearts,
The planning and preparation for this painting continue behind the scenes and I thank you for your patience.  In the meantime I thought I would share my choice of paintbrushes that I will use for this painting.

I already know that I will want to use a brush that will give me plenty of control and ability to sustain a good flow of water and pigment throughout my glazing process.  This is especially important when it comes to painting in the feather groups of each Bald Eagle.  I will want both hard and soft edges and beautifully controlled soft layers.

photo of Susan Harrison Tustain Signature Brush SetFor these needed characteristics I have chosen to use a newly released Susan Harrison Tustain Signature brush produced by da Vinci: A No. 3 Kolinsky Red Sable Quill, Series 44 (1 of 6 different brushes in the set) and a Windsor Newton No. 2 Squirrel Quill.  For finer details I will use a No. 2 and No. 4 Kolinsky red sable round brush and a fine liner as well for the very wispy parts of feathers.  I will also enjoy using my Isaby 1 inch wash brush for parts of the background.  For scrubbing out unwanted hard edges I will use my trusty Series 122 synthetic Nova  No. 2.

We all have our favourite brushes and I am no exception. If we care for them properly they will last a long time.  Purchasing quality brushes is a valuable investment and will give you amazing results and hours of pure enjoyment as you create your masterpieces. Next time I hope to have some color samples of mixed watercolor pigments that I will be using for the Eagles. Stay tuned.
Until then, keep your brushes busy.