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Possible New Art Series

Posted by Jan Howlett on Sunday, February 17, 2013, In : Odds n Ends 
Hi All Artist Hearts,
I am getting closer to announcing our new Art Series, so stay tuned.  It is still a very slow recovery for me and thus the slight delay in getting the new post done, but I have been slowly working on a new composition. 

Now things may change, but a hint might involve the tropics and little creatures that tickle the color spectrum.  Another hint, "you have such big eyes... all the better to see you with my dear!"   :>)  Curious?  Me too!   Until next time... shortly... sta...
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New Erasing Tool

Posted by Jan Howlett on Saturday, July 30, 2011, In : Odds n Ends 
Hi All Artists Hearts,
While I had hoped to start my new Watercolor series called, "The Last Rose of Summer", I have been delayed while waiting for permission to use a particular photograph that will make up the main composition.  However, I have some new and exceptionally helpful information that might help to pass the time until I can start the new series.

I was going over some artist promotional trailers and discovered a new, simple erasing tool that works beautifully on Watercolor painting...

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