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Birds Eye View No.8 FINAL

Posted by Jan Howlett on Thursday, July 3, 2014, In : Birds Eye View 
Hi All Artists Hearts,
Today is the unveiling of the final post in our Watercolor Series, Bird's Eye View.

The last thing I completed was the Lady Bug on the lower fence rail which has become of great interest to our Purple Finch.  Let's hope Finch has already had lunch! :>) Here's a small inset clip of that here, and then see the completed painting below.
I should just mention that the photo below does not capture the blue sky as it is in the actual painting and a tiny sliver on the right hand...

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Birds Eye View No. 7

Posted by Jan Howlett on Monday, May 19, 2014, In : Birds Eye View 
Bird's Eye View Watercolor by Jan Howlett, Stage 7

Hi All Artist Hearts.
I must apologize for the extra delay in posting this update for Bird's Eye View.  Quite suddenly my 15 month old Computer gave up the ghost!  It was only 3 months over the expired warranty and in spite of the fact that I had tried several times to have some issues corrected from day one the Company would not help at all.  So the search for a new laptop was a month long excursion, but we are set up now and bit by bit ironing out the bugs and getting used to new software....

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Birds Eye View No. 6

Posted by Jan Howlett on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, In : Birds Eye View 
Hi All Artist Hearts,
As you can see I am well on the way to completing the Bird house for this painting. It is tucked in on the far left side of the garden and made entirely of old weathered driftwood.  It was fun to include this in the composition and have it nestled in amongst the flowers and rose leaves.  I still have a little more detailing left to complete for the wood grain on the walls and darken the shadow inside the entrance as well.

I used a very pale wash of Payne's Grey and ...

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Birds Eye View No.5

Posted by Jan Howlett on Monday, March 24, 2014, In : Birds Eye View 
Hello All Artist Hearts,
Well today we will consider the rescue issue of reconstructing the center rose that I spoke of last post and see how it all turned out.  It was definitely a challenge to remove the staining color enough to allow me to repaint the area and have it look natural, allowing for the additions of the various green leaves without red color ghosting through the greens.

I created a 3 part power clip of the actual progress from the original problem through to the final correction....

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Birds Eye View No. 4

Posted by Jan Howlett on Monday, February 17, 2014, In : Birds Eye View 
Birds Eye View Watercolor by Jan Howlett Stage 4
Hi All Artist Hearts,
Well Bird's Eye View has come a long way with a lot more detail painted in.  The story line has more substance as well, but I can see a potential problem developing with the center bloom that needs attention.  As I study it I feel that this flower will command too much attention and if left as it is now will end up too close to the center of the composition and draw the eye, and I don't want that to happen.

So I have decided one way to correct this is to introduce some ...

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Birds Eye View No. 3

Posted by Jan Howlett on Saturday, January 25, 2014, In : Birds Eye View 

Hi All Artist Hearts,
What a difference a few layers of paint can make! Today we can easily see that a number of pigmented wash layers are clearly bringing parts of this picture to life. I have worked a fair bit on the pink rose blooms, some of the shadowy parts of a partially hidden spent bloom and of course our sweet little Purple Finch.  And just for contrast I also added a few more of the deeper shadowed areas on the driftwood fence near the bird.

The blooms with their yellow under-wash h...

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Birds Eye View No. 2

Posted by Jan Howlett on Monday, December 23, 2013, In : Birds Eye View 
Hi All Artists Hearts
First of all let me wish everyone a wonderful and blessed Christmas Season for 2013! It has been a very busy season for our family including further surgeries not only for myself, but now for my dear hubby, Ross as well.  So we are very content to spend it more quietly this year as we recover together and enjoy opening our gifts as we try to solve the clues on each package, continuing our Christmas tradition.  It is a lot of fun and in spite of really good...
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Birds Eye View No.1

Posted by Jan Howlett on Monday, November 11, 2013, In : Birds Eye View 
Sketch:Bird's Eye View by Jan Howlett
Hi All Artists Hearts,
It's that time again when we start a brand new Art series. This time we will feature various textures from wood grain and feathers to soft rose petals and butterfly wings. We will also include dappled sunlight and shadows to bring out the depth and dimension within this scene. There is even a Lady Bug within eyesight of the Finch just to add a little drama to the day's activity.

Our working title for now is "Bird's Eye View," but it may well change to "Fair Havens Beautie...

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