Carol's Rose Watercolor by Jan Howlett Stage 8  
Hi All Artist Hearts,
We have finally progressed to the final stages of Carol's Rose. A summer thunderstorm has just passed through the garden where this lovely rose abides and it is amazing that it has survived such turbulance!   But in a composition we can make just about any atmospheric condition we want and create beautiful survivors.  :>)
It's called artistic license.

Actually, many roses are very sturdy and do survive beautifully through many storms.  That is the case for our lovely rose!   Carol's Rose after all is a celebration of my New York friend who, by God's grace, successfully won her battle with Cancer again.

So we praise the Lord together for His marvellous Mercy and Love in sparing her life to continue to bless all those around her and use her story to encourage others who need the Lord as thier Lord and Saviour.

A lot of detail work has been done here, including the insertion of an old wood stump at the base of the roses which will be completed as we go and an old rotting driftwood post in behind the roses on the left of the painting.

The roses have been completed for the most part and will only be tweaked if needed later.  The upper rose has been softened at the edges so the main rose will come forwards and be the main focus.

The stormy atmosphere was created using Payne's Grey bluish and a touch of green scumbled on top for texture.  I have also blended in a touch of Alizarin Crimson as well. Both wet on wet and dry brush were used.

The photograph, unfortunately, does not record the soft lemon and new gamboge yellows washed into the upper right hand corner that in reality gives off a soft glow effect to the clearing skies.

The next time we visit I expect this painting will be completed and ready for matting and framing.
I hate to see it end in a way.  I always enjoy the process and love to see the painting bloom before my eyes ... it's like watching a time lapse film of the real rose growing in the garden.  I can almost smell it delicate perfume.    I hope you can too.

I would love to hear from you and get your feedback on this painting.  Let me know what you would like to see included in my next Rose painting.   Be sure to visit my Commment Box page set up for your input and thoughts for the planning stages of my new Art DVD project here at  found at the bottom of that page.

Until next time, enjoy your times of creating and painting.