Carols Rose Watercolor No 7 by Jan HowlettHello All Artist Hearts,
As promised here is the next stage completed for Carol's Rose.  A few hours behind schedule. But, better a little late than never.  It's been a busy few weeks and time for painting at a premium.  But here we are at last.

Before I get started I want to share a bit of exciting news that we announced only yesterday on our website... that we are planning to create a teaching Art Video on "The Art of Painting Beautiful Roses One On One," and would like to include you in the process.  If you have a request or suggestion as to a particular element or topic you would like to see featured in this video then please send your requests to  and we would be glad to consider your ideas.  I look forward to hearing from many of you.  I really could use your input so I can concentrate on things that interest you most!

Back to Carol's Rose....
Many more layers have been laid in in delicate washes and many values deepened. The rose is really beginning to pop, especially in the lower leaf area and within the petals themselves.

The shadows have also been described within the leaves as the rose petals cast their shapes across the leaves.  I have been careful to work on the veins in the leaves adding the textures needed to express real dimension, but all the while maintaining clean and bright washes.

We are not far off now from starting to bring in the dark stormy background.  The dark storm will cause our rose to pop out at us even further causing our attention and imagination to center our focus on the main rose.  I will be using Payne's Gray Bluish and Alizarin Crimson to intensify the colors in the storm passages.  This will also help to tie all the colors together and create a pleasing harmony.

As this rose composition unfolds we are drawing closer toward learning the full story of this painting.  Out of much suffering and trials and dark storms can come unexpected beauty and even the perfume of delicate and beautiful Roses as seen in our painting.

My dear friends Carol and her husband Jim attest to that fact as they bravely endured the fight of their lives in the Cancer ward.  But because of their strong faith and trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour they were able to come through the battle with the beauty of Christ and a glowing testimony of how the Lord had carried them through it all.  How He made a way of escape where no way seem to exist! 

How precious to know when we face such trials and burdens we need not face them alone or without God's strength and grace and therefore become a rich blessing to many, many aching hearts.

The next stage will have part of the storm completed and we will see a real change in our painting overall.  Until then Happy Painting everyone.