Carols Rose Watercolor Stage 6 by Jan HowlettCarols Rose Watercolor Stage 5 to compare to 6
 Hi All Artist Hearts,
The layers are building quickly now on this delightful rose study. Some of the values are deepening significantly allowing me to add in the shadows cast over the upper part of the under rose leaves, setting the rose forward 3 dimensionally.   I have included stage 5 beside the current photo for you to see just how far the rose has come.  The yellows are calmer and more natural....closer to the actual color of this rose.

The shapes and curves of the petals are taking on a sharper focus as well.  You will notice the glow of the yellow under layers radiating through the local color of the rose petals revealing vibrant life at last.   I have also been setting up each layer for the texture and veins in the leaf surfaces and seeing them take on a realistic appearance at this early stage.

The lighting effects of the sun are fairly quiet at this point, but the impact of the source light assists in creating definition and gradually the inner shapes of the petals . It also continues to develop deeper depth for the inner creases quite nicely.  All these details help to truly create dimension in your paintings.

The main goal focuses on keeping the petals themselves smooth and delicate in appearance, yet definite in shape. My brush follows the shape and direction of each petal as if I were running my finger gently over its surface in the same direction as it would naturally grow and form on a real rose. Certainly a helpful visual tip when painting petals and describing their soft rounded form and surfaces.

I am using less and less amounts of water in my pre-wetting process and avoiding at all costs the pooling of pigment too heavily at the edges of the petals.  If I see that happening I gently go back in with a barely damp brush to avoid blooms and  to mop up the liquid color sitting on the surface.  However, if I see that the shine has gone off my paint then I will have to wait until that portion completely dries (bone dry) and then go back in to scrub or tease off the excess pigment  with a gentle scrubbing motion, remembering to blot off the excess color until I am happy that the petal edges are clean.

Well that's it for today.  Watch for the next stage when things will really begin to "bloom". Until then Happy Painting and stay inspired,
Blessings, Jan.