Hi All Artists Hearts,
It's been longer than I intended between posts, but with the Christmas rush and build up, life has been very busy. However, Carol's Rose is developing nicely and it is starting to take on that lovely glow we all work to achieve in our paintings.  Each layer is like adding another jewell to a beautiful broach, and with each addition the setting is enhanced and enriched, increasing it's value.

Watercolor Carol's Rose Stage 4Especially notice the inner petals of this rose.  The layers are only a couple at this point, but already they read as having depth and 3 dimensional shape with the light glowing through the center.  The value of the pigment layer is the same as the first 2 veils of colour, but with that application they read deeper in tone now. The original yellow layers are still able to glow through to the surface of the paper. 

The petals are also developing their shape and telling us where they are rounded and where they are folding under and where the shadows are beginning to fall.   Some of those shadows will be deeply influenced by the background when it is finally painted and  which will tie the composition together as if this cluster of roses is the very jewell we have discovered and is now shinning out of the storm that has just passed.  More on that later.

We know that often the truth is that a diamond jewell sparkles and shines it's brightest set in the darkest of places where only a mere shaft of light shines on it directly catching the edges of each diamond prism. What beauty is revealed.  And the same is true for this beautiful rose as it emerges from a dark storm, safe and therefore all the more radiant in it's setting!

It becomes all the more stunning in meaning as we consider the fact that such a delicate flower could survive such a stormy trial and remain so lovely and radiant, bringing pleasure and delight to so many hearts.  Something it could not do on its own, and neither can we.  Our delicate life is dependant on the keeping power of the Lord Jesus Christ, our wonderful Saviour.  Whatever you are going through, especially at this Holy season, if you trust Him fully, God will carry you through your storm and bring you safely through this trial, and with it eternal purpose and meaning and deep comfort.

Until the next post that will come in a bit, do have a wonderful and blessed Christmas Season as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, our precious Lord and Saviour, our Prince of Peace and coming King of kings.
Until next time, keep your brushes busy and stay inspired.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,