Carols Rose Stage 3 Watercolor by Jan HowlettHi All Artists Hearts,
Carol's Rose is progressing nicely and we are now on Stage 3.  I have used Alizarin Crimson washed over both the Indian Yellow or Aureolin layers in some places, and pale washes of Purple Magenta over a few other areas. Both yellows still shine through the petals and reads as bathed and illumined by the sun.  At this point the mood does not reveal the storm and rain on the way: That will come later.

This beautifully shaped rose lends itself to use lovely soft blends and washes in keeping with it's delicate structure.  We are striving to create a composition that brings beauty out of darkness and the things that may cause us to fear the unknown as well as the dark mood that seems to bombard our spirits when faced with unexpected, unwanted storms and trials that enter our lives.

What we paint now will help determine the kind of picture that our viewers will read as filled with hope, beauty and eternal purpose that comes when we lean hard on the Lord Jesus Christ, trusting Him with our whole heart as we apply the Scripture accompanying this painting,
"...Fear not, for I Am with you...
I will strengthen and help you..." Isaiah 41:10a

Watch for Stage 4 in the days ahead, and stay inspired as you see God's goodness and glory all around you.  
Blessings, Jan.