Hi All Artists Hearts,
It's time to start a new series entitled, "Carol's Rose".  This is the master sketch from which I will be working, with some of the shaded areas marked in to guide me as I paint this special composition.

There is usually a heart touching story behind most of my paintings, and this one is no exception. This composition was inspired as a means to encourage our dear friends and fellow workers in the Lord’s service as they battle a second bout of Cancer and bone marrow transplant. Carol's hubby Jim of New York has been ministering for decades blessing many hearts with his rich tenor voice along with their singing family. This painting, created and named in honour of Carol’s testimony, will be released this winter and will be featured in our next Newsletter.

Please remember this family in your prayers as they take this painful journey to recovery together.  May the Lord give them strength and grace upon grace as they fight this disease in His power.

I originally decided to use the oval layout to better accommodate the old fashioned romantic era and setting of long ago, but in the end I will use a rectangular double mat system once the painting is completed to accommodate the stormy background.  However, if it was placed in an oval mat in a larger size we could still keep enough of the painting to still reveal the stormy feeling.

I saw one of these roses in a photograph and was so taken with it I knew right away it would make a beautiful and delicate subject to paint.  And I knew I should paint the first original for my friend Carol who was fighting this dreaded disease.  It didn't take long to compose the balance of the painting and as I finished the last strokes before transferring it to my art paper I knew it had to be a pink rose out of respect to Cancer research going on everyday.

I used the Golden Mean to indicate where the main focus of the center of interest should be located as well as the sub-locations for smaller intersections of interest and rest.

Some artists use the Golden Mean (where a grid of thirds is utilized both vertically and horizontally).  Some prefer to use an X and place their focal sweet spots of interest along the arms of the X to keep them from placing the focus directly in the center, which is not the most pleasing placement.  I have several "sweet spots" in my composition.

So lets set out our paints and favorite brushes and start another enjoyable journey where we can paint to our heart's content.  Have a great day,
Blessings,  Jan

“Do not fear, for I am with you...
I will strengthen you and help you.” Is.41:10a