Hello All Artist Hearts,
We finally received the gold frame after waiting many months for delivery.  It was well worth the wait to gain the look I was after for this particular painting. It was a quiet air of antique glory that I had hoped to accomplish to compliment Carol's Rose.  By choosing the soft green outer mat with a sub mat of soft pink beautifully set up this rose.

I tried one other colour scheme for a completely different feel with a deep navy blue that had the same Payne's Grey Bluish hues as the radiating blues in behind the rose... in a way it was a more stunning look, but did not really fit with the gentleness of the rose or the quiet peace that the Bible Verse, "Do not fear, for I Am with you.  I will strengthen and help you,"  (Ps.41:10) genreates--a vital factor to the success of this painting.

It was a true joy to do this beautiful rose for my dear friend, Carol, who is holding her own in the battle of Cancer.  This rose has been a blessing to many others facing the same battle.

It was one of those paintings I hated to see come to an end.  It only inspired me to paint more beautiful roses.  In fact I am now working on a tutorial DVD that I will call "The Art of Painting Beautiful Roses in Watercolor One on One."

Filming begain this month and will be a huge learning curve for me, but a welcome challenge knowing eventually I will be able to share it with you all in the months ahead.   It will be a long project, but we will endeavour to keep you all updated as to it's progress.

Until next time and the start of a new series, keep your brushes working your own lovely works of art.  Remember to give the Lord all the glory and stay inspired.