Watercolor by Jan Howlett-Stage 5 of Carols RoseHi All Artist Hearts,
Happy New Year everyone!  It's that time of year when we can approach life and the things we hope to accomplish with fresh eyes and renewed motivation.  We can start a brand new clean page and work toward our goals and plan to learn with fresh vigor.  It can be an exciting time.

One of the ways we can continue to be inspired and grow our resolve to be on the lookout for new ideas that will foster new compositions for our portfolio or our planned list of art goals is to watch how other artists approach a theme or subject matter that has completely captured his or her heart.  I trust I can be one of those artists who can in some measure encourage your heart and help you enjoy your art journey to the fullest.

In this stage the glow in this rose is deepening and becoming more alive with every pass of color.  As the painting progresses the larger of the two main roses will be our center of focus.  The smaller rose will not have the same precise detail or clarity.  It will be more muted and less vibrant in order to push it back into the space and appear to be sitting in soft shadows.  That will become more apparent as I then begin to paint in the stormy background. 

I am being careful to include hard and soft edges, as well as varying the color temperature. The lighting falling on the roses will begin to be more narrow as it streams in from the right and will be somewhat restricted in it's focus.  That will be more understood as the composition develops.

You will notice that I have been working on the very small dark shadow where the center of the rose emerges and the outer petals fold and fall away from the inner bowl of the rose shape. It definately brings the 3 dimensional effect we are striving to create. It is a challenge to mix the right colors to reflect the overall hue and tone of the rose needed to maintain a color harmony that will, in the end, knit the whole rose together in this piece.

I will continue to work on the leaves before I begin the stormy background effects.  Until the next post stay inspired and remember to take some time to view some of your favorite artists works.  Study how they expressed the love of thier subject.  Try to see what they did to create that wonderful feeling.  Ask questions as you look at each piece.  How do you think they used their paint or brushstrokes to describe the feeling your experiencing as you view their art.
Have a great week.