Hi All Artists Hearts,
Today is the unveiling of the final post in our Watercolor Series, Bird's Eye View.

The last thing I completed was the Lady Bug on the lower fence rail which has become of great interest to our Purple Finch.  Let's hope Finch has already had lunch! :>) Here's a small inset clip of that here, and then see the completed painting below.
I should just mention that the photo below does not capture the blue sky as it is in the actual painting and a tiny sliver on the right hand side of the painting was cut off while I was editing the photo for this post.  I had to replace my Computer again (my 15 month old laptop died suddenly! I have now switched brands!), so the files are still being sorted, and thus the long delay in publishing this post.  However, when I find the full photo I will certainly post it here. 

So we have all the individual parts together now in one place and the story is finally complete. I can almost hear the Finch singing sweetly and hear the soft movement of leaves in this little garden, a "fair havens getaway."

A beautiful sunny day filled with the promise of rose perfume in the air and the visit of lovely blue winged,  Adonis butterflies".  This is what our sweet little Finch enjoys all summer long. How nice.

On days when my life becomes overwhelming, or I need to be quietly re-energized I would love to pull up a comfy lawn chair and simply read one of my favorite books here by the roses, drink in a wonderful relaxing day of the pure beauty of all that God has created for us to enjoy.  I can realize afresh that indeed, "The Lord is my strength and my shield..." and therefore "with my song will I praise Him." (Psalm 28:7)

Our next series will start in a couple of weeks and the clue words are "Decorative in the Fall, antique prop, frills, Trading Post, and Port Perry, Ontario."  Got you wondering? Me too! :>) It will be fun to figure this all out and see a new composition come to life.  In the meantime keep painting what you love.