Hi All Artist Hearts,
As you can see I am well on the way to completing the Bird house for this painting. It is tucked in on the far left side of the garden and made entirely of old weathered driftwood.  It was fun to include this in the composition and have it nestled in amongst the flowers and rose leaves.  I still have a little more detailing left to complete for the wood grain on the walls and darken the shadow inside the entrance as well.

I used a very pale wash of Payne's Grey and a touch of sepia and reflected here and there some of the pinks from the surrounding, distant roses. It has taken several washes to gain this amount of depth to the wood, not only in the bird house itself, but the supporting posts as well. 

It was fun to work on our two visiting Blue Adonis butterflies.  This is rather fiddly work, especially the markings on their wings and their large black eyes outlined in white (the white of the paper that is, when using watercolors), but if you love detail work, then this will be a delight for you as it was for me.  The larger one of the two is complete now as is the pink rose it is fluttering over.  The rose petals are a soft blend of pinks and shadowy pale violets over a pale under-wash of New Gamboge.  The last details painted in were the golden yellow stamens.

It is always hard for me to start filling in the background textures and colors and still keep it soft and muted, but at least it is well started.  The picture has finally moved past the awkward stage and is really starting to take on that finished look.  I love this part of the transition where I can soon concentrate on the little details that begin to let the story behind the painting come forward and completes the journey for the viewer. 

Next post will help us see a section go from raw sketch to the final layers on the Purple Finch. With Spring this year comes the melting away of mountains of snow at last and the start of one of my favorite seasons, that of beautiful flowers!  What better time then to be approaching near the finishing line for our Watercolor series on "Bird's Eye View" than now.  Maybe it will help us through the last few cold spells until the lovely warmer weather arrives for good!  So until next time, stay inspired and paint what you love.  : > )