Hello All Artist Hearts,
Well today we will consider the rescue issue of reconstructing the center rose that I spoke of last post and see how it all turned out.  It was definitely a challenge to remove the staining color enough to allow me to repaint the area and have it look natural, allowing for the additions of the various green leaves without red color ghosting through the greens.

I created a 3 part power clip of the actual progress from the original problem through to the final correction.  I have used a dotted line around the area that would remain as a small rose, and showing the parts outside of the dotted line that would be reshaped and eventually changed into about 6 new leaves and 2 new small rose buds.

As I very gently scrubbed and blotted away the staining colors of Alizarin Crimson and Permanent Rose they slowly began to lift off beautifully without disturbing the surface fibers of my paper, at least not visible to the naked eye and that was a good thing.  That was a big hurdle and once done I could breathe a sigh of relief. 

The next challenge was the redesigning of this area into differently shaped rose leaves so as to make the rose appear as if it was nestled in among those leaves and therefore no longer prominent.

I used various tones of green to create subtle transitions, show the different levels of growth age from new to mature as well as give the allusion of the different planes and angles for the new leaves. I was really pleased with the outcome and relieved that the composition looked more balanced once again.

Next time I will do another 3 part power clip for the Purple Finch so you can see the different stages of its development as well.  Until next time keep inspired and know that by the next post we should be well into Spring with warmer weather and the return of many of these delightful  birds.