Birds Eye View Watercolor by Jan Howlett Stage 4
Hi All Artist Hearts,
Well Bird's Eye View has come a long way with a lot more detail painted in.  The story line has more substance as well, but I can see a potential problem developing with the center bloom that needs attention.  As I study it I feel that this flower will command too much attention and if left as it is now will end up too close to the center of the composition and draw the eye, and I don't want that to happen.

So I have decided one way to correct this is to introduce some extra foliage to tone down the size of both the flower itself and the open span it creates that, if left unedited, would dominate the piece.  So in the next stage I will show how I rescued this issue.  It may be a risky move since it will probably require some careful removal of paint, but I need to attempt this correction as soon as possible.

I have also worked on more of the surrounding rose leaves and developed their veins and stems along with some of the shadowed areas as well. It has really added depth, contrast and rich tones by doing so. I mixed several different greens on the palette to capture the various summery greens I saw in my reference photos.  Then I started work on the blue Adonis butterfly and a bit of the sky (although the sky part is not showing in this photo) with a first wash of pale Cerulean Blue as well as a few of the tiny blue flowers sprinkled here and there in the background.

I also decided to start filling in some of the background grasses to help begin to anchor the scene down and get away from that "floating" look phase.  So it is a good start and I am happy with the work so far.

Until next time, enjoy your painting sessions and make it a learning journey.  Every painting is an adventure and can even lend itself to building new ideas for your next composition. Paint what you love.