Hi All Artist Hearts,
What a difference a few layers of paint can make! Today we can easily see that a number of pigmented wash layers are clearly bringing parts of this picture to life. I have worked a fair bit on the pink rose blooms, some of the shadowy parts of a partially hidden spent bloom and of course our sweet little Purple Finch.  And just for contrast I also added a few more of the deeper shadowed areas on the driftwood fence near the bird.

The blooms with their yellow under-wash have taken on a beautiful vibrant, soft glowing pink while the other smaller pink-mauve flowers are softer still and further back at this point.  Some of these blooms I think will eventually end up in the shadows and therefore more neutral so as not to command too much attention away from the main flowers.

I have been enjoying using my favorite Kolinsky Sable round brush and a couple of my very fine pointed brushes from Billy Showell's signature collection for the finer areas in the blooms. I can get lovely gorgeous soft edges with my Kolinsky and, when needed, crisp edges with Billy's. They hold terrific amounts of paint and saves me having to reload my brush unnecessarily when I am in the middle of an important and delicate pass.

Next time I will begin working on the center flowers, start the little Blue Adonis Butterfly, add a few of the tiny blue flowers tucked in here and there as well as start the soft Cerulean Blue in the lighter parts of the sky. I will also tackle a good number of the green leaves and continue to concentrate on their veins and textures along the way.

Until then, stay inspired and always paint what you love. It will show in your paintings and your viewers will be blessed and touched by your commitment and joy of painting.