Hi All Artists Hearts
First of all let me wish everyone a wonderful and blessed Christmas Season for 2013! It has been a very busy season for our family including further surgeries not only for myself, but now for my dear hubby, Ross as well.  So we are very content to spend it more quietly this year as we recover together and enjoy opening our gifts as we try to solve the clues on each package, continuing our Christmas tradition.  It is a lot of fun and in spite of really good clues we often cannot guess what is inside our beautifully wrapped gifts making them all the more delightful!
: > )

All that said, it has been later than I had hoped in posting this next stage of our painting.  However, you will see that many of the under-washes of Indian Yellow (a warm yellow) and Aureolin Yellow (a cool yellow) have been laid in on the rose leaves and some of the flower petals.  I decided to do a further wash of olive green over some of the leaves once the yellow wash had completely dried as well as laying in a wash of Payne's Grey on the old weathered drift wood fence posts including some shadowed areas. 

Normally this process would continue until all the leaf and rose petals are at the same level of completion to make sure it develops at the same rate. However, I may break my routine to hurry this demo along since it is such a large piece and I want to avoid a lot of repetition for you.  And I don't want this to turn into an extra long series.

The fun is in watching it all begin to "bloom" before my eyes and the beautiful flowers seem to invite me to "stop and smell the roses" as the saying goes.  I just love the process of adding the colors, all the various tones and shading passes that follow the shape of each petal creating the sense of soft roundness that helps us to really see the flower come to life.

Seeing the flat pencil sketch all of sudden transform into a three dimensional flower is magical and brings me a sense of wonder and joy, as well as a keen recognition that God's glorious creation and
beauty that we see in real life is His awesome handiwork! Just a few of the many gifts he bestows on us every day.  It causes me to worship the Lord afresh and give Him all the glory.  Such Love inspires this artist every day.

And especially at this Christmas Season when we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and the gift above all gifts, His amazing Gift of Eternal Life and Love and the Good News of Salvation that only He provides to all those who truly seek Him.  Jesus is the 'Reason for the Season' and we are so blessed to be able to know and walk with Jesus every day through His Holy Word.   

Until next time, may you have a precious and blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with joy and God's Peace.
Blessings to you all,