Sketch:Bird's Eye View by Jan Howlett
Hi All Artists Hearts,
It's that time again when we start a brand new Art series. This time we will feature various textures from wood grain and feathers to soft rose petals and butterfly wings. We will also include dappled sunlight and shadows to bring out the depth and dimension within this scene. There is even a Lady Bug within eyesight of the Finch just to add a little drama to the day's activity.

Our working title for now is "Bird's Eye View," but it may well change to "Fair Havens Beauties".  But whatever we use, the title will help us paint a story using the view from the front porch of the Purple Finch's birdhouse and the surrounding beauty of God's creation that
she enjoys each summer. Admittedly there is a lot of detail in this sketch and it may seem overwhelming, but if we take one element at a time it will be easier to handle and very rewarding to see it develop.

This composition is based on a section of one of the beautiful Rose gardens at the Fair Havens Bible Conference grounds where we often enjoy a time of rest and relaxation and where I enjoy painting to my heart's content. It is also the same rose garden that inspired a similar little cameo painting I did for my dear Mom's 90th Birthday in 2012. 

In the rose gardens at Fair Havens they have some lovely ornate white iron 2 seat benches, unusual shaped driftwood pieces, bird baths and stone work.  I decided to insert the birdhouse in place of some of these garden ornaments and assigned the driftwood to a new role in the garden by promoting them to become the main fence posts in our setting. It's called Artistic license. :>)

This piece includes about 7 different photos taking various elements from each to create our story.

The original sketch posted here will take on several changes as I work through the painting itself and you will notice a correction on the perspective angle for the bird house along the way. 

This piece is 20" x 24" and painted on 140 lb. Arches Hot Press paper using transparent Schmincke and Windsor Newton fine artists watercolors.

There are several secondary focal points as well as the main focus area, that of the largest Rose.  Watch for the next post when I will lay in the first washes for the under-painting and then the fun with color begins.

Until then stay inspired and paint what you love.