Female Bald Eagle Sketch  Hi Artist Hearts, your next rough sketch installment is ready.  Here is the second component to our "Family Affair" painting.  The female Bald Eagle is in her nesting posture.  Her wings are posed in her protective and nurturing stance.  The sketch only contains the basic outline of her body and will have to be completed in the next days to come.  This is the actual placement she will take within the composition when it is finished.

Baby Eaglet will eventually sit nestled in the front of Mom, safe in the shadow of Mom's wings. Certainly she adds strength to the emotional element that the Baby has already created with just his presence alone.  This visual information that the story begins to unfold with just these two elements alone adds important family facts that this study is beginning to describe.

Stay tuned for when the 'glue' to this family unit will also be introduced in the next rough sketch. Until then, have a very blessed Christmas Season as we celebrate the birth of the Saviour of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ.