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Ross & Jan Howlett Founders

Ross & Jan Howlett, founders of

Feeding His Lambs Ministries Canada,

are Commended Full Time Workers

(home missionaries)  by

 With the Brethren Assemblies of Canada.


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FEEDING HIS LAMBS (FHL) is an itinerant ministry Jan's Watercolor Art-Fish Logo'designed to encourage  and assist local churches, Christian organizations and individual believers:

       To rightly divide the Word Of God,

         To be steadfast in the faith and

     To glorify God by applying His Word.





In obedience to God’s calling, Ross and Jan founded Feeding His Lambs in 1984 as a faith ministry, placing a strong emphasis on preaching, teaching, and prayer. Over the years it has also come to include Radio and Internet Bible broadcasts, music, artwork and devotional writings, which have developed into branches of outreach and care.




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